sunnuntai 12. huhtikuuta 2015

My tributes to Ayala Triangle Garden

Walking today-morning to Ayala Triangle Garden was a refreshing start for Sunday. The weather was in a nice way a little bit chilly yet. I was with my wife, Päivi at right time in our jogging route. We enjoyed moving in fitting speed. Everything was looking good.

But when reached our destination, we saw new billboards in the Garden.  The content of the boards shocked us. The north tip of the Triangle will be closed April 11. (yesterday) for construction work. What does development project yield to us? A high “iconic office tower”, with luxury hotel and retail choices will be available for us. Further on an open, vibrant and lush landscape. So we see that good things are awaiting us, if we hold our horses.

Amidts these fascinating views for the future there is some questions still. How is it possible that this kind of huge development project can surprise us so totally? There was no information prior to the billboards, that informed us construction work resumed yesterday. There was no news in the papers on the plans. No discussion was in the community level. But if I would have been more alert, I had noticed that a part of the Ayala lawn is brown without hosing water. That was silent message. If my brains had been sharp enough, I had find out that there were no more open concerts, mass etc. for public. Of course not, because Ayala Triangel Garden will be calmed down for the people.

Ayala Garden is a very popular place for outdoor living. It is like a small woods in the middle of stone desert. Makati City is breathing by the lungs of Ayala. It is a green paradise with the palm trees and other tropical luxuriant plants. It is very relaxing only to sit down and look around. Ayala is like a common living room for the inhabitants of Makati, whose homes are often very small flats or even dormitory rooms shared with several persons.

A lot of people, in all ages are exercising in Ayala. Groups of young people are doing gymnastics on the lawns. Crowds of people are running along the pathways. Ayala appears to be a sanctuary for people improving their shape. It is easy as well to take a break and have a drink or a light meal at one of the restaurants at the south side.

The construction of the new tower takes a third part from the Garden. Where to put all the people crowding in Ayala? People with good livelihood, who are living in new condos might go to the gyms. More poor have to creep into the dormitory rooms.

I protest Ayala development, but do I have a reason to? There is another billboard at the gate of Ayla, which tell us: “The Ayala Triangle Gardens is private property. The owner reserves the right to develop the same at any time and in its sole determination.” So here it is owners` right. Nothing to do.

On the billboard informing construction the owner assures that “the gardens will leave public to enjoy”. We will get better gathering places and even connections to Ayala will improve. We`ll see, but I am suspicious. Only this is sure that there will be more traffic to offices, the hotel and retails. How the connections will be better, since the streets around the Garden are already full of vehicles?

At the end of announcement the owner apologizes for the inconvenience. I am wondering why to apologize if you are the owner.

I am hesitating with the apology. The construction will ruin the Gardens.